If you are a retailer, no matter the size of your store, it is imperative to have an online presence if you want to survive in the digital age. Even after you launch your website, set up an ecommerce gateway to accept payments online and determine shipping logistics, your work is not done. You need to implement initiatives to keep customers coming back and to attract new customers. Here are some ecommerce merchant solutions for making your store effective and maintaining a steady pace of sales.

Provide Incentives

Even if your products are exclusives or cheaper than your competitors, you need to keep your customers convinced that you are their best shopping option. You should provide incentives to keep them interested.

First, create an email list for customers that they can sign up for on your website or via an in-store sign-up sheet. When you send out updates about your products, make sure to include a discount code that customers can use to get a reduced price on products they purchase online. Many ecommerce packages enable you to set discount codes for this purpose.

Once a customer registers with your ecommerce system, provide them with a referral code that they can give to their friends. When their friends register with your site and purchase an item, they can use the referral code to get a discount.

Another great incentive is to provide customers with a discount after they make a certain number of purchases.

Promote Your Ecommerce Store on Social Media

Utilizing social media is an excellent way to promote your ecommerce site via word of mouth. Take some time to register Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. You should also set up a Facebook page. You can share links to your products, sales and other special offers along with photos of merchandise.

You can also set up contests to spread the word about your special offers with hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. If customers post photos of products they purchase online from your website, make sure to share those posts on your social media feeds and add links directly to the product's ecommerce page.

Gather and Respond to Customer Feedback

Do not neglect to take advantage of any customer feedback options provided with the ecommerce platform installed on your website. Many platforms offer ways for customers to send you feedback via email or an online form. Respond right way so you do not lose loyal fans of your products.

You should also respond to any queries and feedback you receive on your social media accounts. If the question is about a particular product, do not forget to include product links in your response.