Reputable bail bonds agencies are available around the clock. This way, you can contact a bondsman at any time of day or night. Thus, it's crucial to know if an agency offers services after hours. Bear in mind that searching for a bondsman can be pretty hectic. If you find one who is available 24/7, you have the right bondsman. Here are reasons why it's essential to hire an around-the-clock bail bondsman.

Crimes Occur at Any Time

The police can detain you at any time for minor crimes and take you to jail. If you can't find a dependable bondsman, you will spend some time locked up. Thankfully, a 24/7 bondsman can come to your rescue upon arrest.

The professional will start processing documents once you get booked for a crime. This action gives you peace of mind since once everything is ready, you can go home. The best part is that a bondsman can work with your family to secure your release.

The Judge Can Set Bail at Any Hour

Court sessions can occur unexpectedly, and the judge can set bail during the hearing. Once you post bail, you can pay the amount or serve your term. Usually, many defendants decide to cater to the charges and get released. With a bondsman who is available around the clock, you can pay the money and head home.

If you don't have a bondsman in your contacts, you might have to go back to jail. It can be overwhelming and annoying at the same time, especially if you were yearning to be set free. A reliable bondsman will sign an agreement to have you released once you generate 10% of the amount.

Answers Questions on Your Behalf

A bondsman will address concerns from police or other legal authorities on your behalf. For instance, if a prosecutor doubts some aspects of the set bail, the agent clears those doubts. Typically, a bondsman has top-notch experience around the law and its processes. 

You don't have to worry about staying in jail because the police aren't sure if you posted bail or not. The expert will have all the paperwork ready in no time.

Mitigates Risks and Emergencies

Various risks or emergencies can occur once a defendant is released. Here are circumstances when you direly need a bondsman:

  • A defendant skips town
  • The person doesn't show up for their trial

If you post bail for family or a friend, you might need a bondsman to get you out of the mess. This way, you don't lose the money you paid for the bail.

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